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THE: One of the Top 5 universities in Turkey
THE: Youngest Turkish University ranked in TOP 250
International Students Undergraduate Programs
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THE: One of the Top 5 universities in Turkey
THE: Youngest Turkish University ranked in TOP 250
International Students Undergraduate Programs

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Away from the chaos, in touch with nature, OzU Çekmeköy Campus awaits you!Away from the chaos of the metropolis, in touch with nature, OzU Çekmeköy Campus awaits you!


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About Özyegin University - in Arabic Language

Najib Alajati

Four years of my life I spent at OZU, It has been extraordinary and memorable days full of unforgettable memories with great friends who are considered as a second family to me. It is the time to thank my instructors for their encouragement, guidance and support at all stages of my education, Their willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our studies and projects. Deepest gratitude is also to the members of the international office who helped us as much as they can. Furthermore, I would like to thank the administration of Özyegin University for providing us with various resources and comfortable atmosphere to success.

I will miss everything related to OZU, I’ll never forgot these days, I’ll never forget Istanbul.

Abdulvakhkhobi Muminjoniyon

The education and experience that Ozyegin University provides is what I was looking for. I chose OzU for this. Every professor is alumni of the top universities of the world. Most of all, the education is in English and the university is made diverse because of its international students. The spirit of Entrepreneurship is seen in each of the students. By studying at OzU I gained a knowledge that I'll be using in my future career and a life-time connections with my friends.

Yulia Ponomareva

I had a good time being an international student at Ozyegin University. I learnt a great deal of Turkish culture, I made many friends from all over the world, I enjoyed friendly atmosphere, and incredible on-campus facilities. Thank to my amazing professors, I gain a lot of professional knowledge and developed strong hospitality skills. Certainly, I am a bit sad to be graduated this summer and to terminate my student life at Ozu. On the other hand, I am very excited to make my university proud of me by my successful achievements on the professional field.

Justice-Gerald Azunna Obilor

It has been four great and memorable years with Ozyegin University. Ozyegin University has been a second family to me and a solid backbone during my academic sojourn. While at Ozyegin I was given the spring board I needed to pursue a second degree in a reputable university and also developed some other innate professional skills I never knew I had, thanks to the trust the International office relayed on me to market the University.

I treasure every relationship I have built along the way with everyone and will no doubt miss my fellow student colleagues, my erudite Professors, the resilient staff members, the countless social events, parties and off course the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Thank you Ozyegin University.